MICO – Arduino shield business for sale!

MICO – Arduino shield business for sale!

Arduino shield business for sale
Arduino shield business for sale

Hi there!

This is Igor Ramos the creator of the MICO shields for Arduino. MICO was launched in 2013 and after all these years I decided to sell the business so that I can focus on other projects. MICO is a great opportunity for someone to get going with an online business. Best of all, it’s an online business, so that you can operate from anywhere in the world.

This is a perfect side business for someone looking for some extra income; someone retried wanting to keep busy, or even for a parent looking for a fun and educational activity with their children.

About the business: MICO is an online business that has two products, they are two shields for Arduino. One is a simpler DTMF Shield, the other is a DTMF Shield capable of implementing an IVR – Interactive Voice Response system.

What you get with the MICO business:

  • The SCHEMATICS  for two MICO shields two shields
  • Relationship with a contract manufacturer, and distributor.
  • Website (hellomico.com), which is WordPress based, along with all of its articles and how-tos.
  • MICO logo and graphs
  • Google Analytics account
  • Github account with source code
  • Existing inventory


If you’re interested please get in touch with your offer.