MICO history:

It’s been a long way to get MICO where it’s right now. Check the key events that led up to MICO:

2011 Sept: I wanted to start up my car’s engine from inside home during the sub-zero Minnesota mornings. The idea was born! (read full story here)

2011 Nov: demoed first proof of concept design. Watch Video

Starting Car via Cell Phone

2011 Dec: first circuit board created for CellStarter – a stand alone device running a PIC18F26K22 that interfaced to cell phone in one side and the remote starter box in the other side.

2012 May: third prototype of the CellStarter prototype.

CellStarter final prototype

2012 June:  demo of CellStarter final prototype Watch Video

2012 July – Nov: product documentation and defining strategy, in specific who’s the customer, the “Do It Yourself” or the “Do It For Me” type of person.

2012 Nov: change in direction: scrapped CellStarter in favor of an Arduino Shield. Changed microcontrollers from PIC18F26k22 to Atmel ATMEGA328. Renamed project to MICO – Mobile IVR & Control.

2013 May: Launched & funded the initial development of MICO in kickstarter (see kickstarter page for that). Took the project from a breadboard into a professionally assembled citcuit board

Phase 1: Design MICO – Funded!

2013 Sep: first 40 MICO units delivered to the Kickstarter project backers!

2013 Oct: Launched & funded a Kickstarter project to mass produce MICO.  Check out the MICO Kickstarter page.

Phase 2: Mass produce MICO

2014 Jan: Over 200 boards shipped to Kickstarter backers. Boards now on sale for everyone: buy MICO