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For about almost a year now I have a product called DTMF Shield for Arduino at my dossant.com website.

I have now decided to consolidate and bring the DTMF shield into the MICO website. I feel that both shields have some characteristics in common and therefore belong to the same product line. Both shields:

  • are to be used with cell phones;
  • provide some interaction to the user;
  • allow controls of loads.

So I concluded that both MICO and DTMF shields belong to the same family of Mobile Interactive Control devices.  

Now some more exciting news: more MICO products are coming! I’m working on a MICO GSM board. Yes, that is right. Stay tuned.





mp3Car.com reviews MICO shield

The MICO shield has just been reviewed by the website mp3Car.com.mico shield arduino review mp3car

mp3Car.com is a Maryland-based company focused on driving mobile computing innovation by supplying individuals and companies alike, with the information and products they need to develop and utilize new mobile computing technologies.  

The mp3Car.com Forums are the best source, world-wide, for information and consultation on car computing, as well a host of other topics.  Every day, thousands of car computing hobbyists visit the mp3Car.com Forums to share information on their latest car computing projects, as well as receive feedback on new ideas and technical issues. To date there are over one million posts and 90 thousand members.

Check out the MICO shield review here.

Watch MICO Shield Webinar

I’ll be hosting a webinar about MICO and you’re invited to attend! The plan is to go over MICO’s block diagram and answer questions people sent before & during the meeting. It will be on Sat, Sep 28, 10:00 AM CST (convert to your time) Hope I see you there!

RSVP: Sign-up here  (hellomico.com/mico-webinar) if you plan to attend the live broadcast and/or to get a link to presentation recording. 

After the live broadcast, the webinar will be made available at hellomico.com

“No monkeys were harmed in the making of this shield”

MICO’s first review!

I just came across what I think it’s MICO’s first review! It’s an article written by Hackalizer – a website that publishes daily hacks.

I think it was a well written review. The author does seem to be knowledgeable about Arduino and does understand the key advantages of MICO. I was just a bit unclear about his comment: “I think it’s still missing something like a little more control”. I asked the author for details. Maybe that’s something that I can improve. Overall it was a positive article. Check it out.

You can find the Hackalizer article at:http://bit.ly/15kIASK

If you want to provide your feedback about MICO, get in touch!

Regards, Igor

Hello MICO!

Welcome to Hello MICO. In order to better support the existing MICO users and the new ones that are backing up this project on Kickstarter, I have launched this website. I hope it will better consolidate all the info about MICO and will always contain the latest and greatest info about it!

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